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Two Hapless Chaps – 24-Hour Comic

This past weekend I took part in a 24-Hour Comic Jam organised by The Comic Book Lounge and Gallery, Guerilla Printing, Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Boot Camp and ourselves at The Comic Book Embassy. The event was well attended and everyone who took part had a great time. While I came in at only 18 pages out of a goal of 24 (as per the 24-Hour Comic’s original founder’s rules, Scott McCloud), I still consider my efforts mostly a success.

I arrived with a story idea in mind, but as per the rules had prepared nothing ahead of time. Having recently reread Hamlet and revisiting Star Trek:TNG on Netflix recently, I was inspired to fuse the characters of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (the naive errand boys from Hamlet) with Star Trek’s more looked-down-upon race, the Feringi. I had bigger plans for the comic, but by 7 in the morning, long behind deadline, my hand cramped, sick of drawing Feringi ears and having reached a satisfactory end point, I threw in the towel. Nonetheless, the real aim of the event was to bring Toronto’s artists together for an event we could all share. On that front it was a success! A big thank you to Keiren Smith at The Comic Boot Camp for taking the reins organising the event, and The Comic Book Lounge and Gallery and Guerilla Printing for providing the space and sticking around throughout the evening. I’ve heard from many people that they’re looking forward to the next one.



To see a full list of participants, a detailed write-up of the event and photos, click here

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